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Stages of Recovery Housing

Navigating the recovery system can be difficult for beginners. Especially when you are learning about the stages available for recovery housing. This is why we have made it a little easier to understand the different stages and what is involved in each stage.

keys to supportive housing

First Stage

Usually involves the time of detox or a few days after starting detox, where you will live in the recovery home for up to 90 days. This stage is very structured and involves a routine that residents must follow. During this time, you will work on your recovery in a multitude of ways; working to strengthen your mind, body and spirituality at the same time. The program facilitators, facilitate a variety of lesson plans, workshops, and exercises to teach you an evidence-based recovery method. Counsellors work with you one on one to address underlying trauma, or mental health concerns that may be impacting your recovery. Yoga and meditation specialists assist you on your spiritual healing journeys. You will engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor physical activities to help strengthen your body. The work you put into this stage can set you up for a successful life-long recovery. For individuals not quite ready to return to their home environments, second stage housing options are available.

Second Stage

This stage allows for a little more freedom than the first stage. Each second stage will have their own rules. However, sober-living is a requirement and some homes may still require random urine drug screening, attendance to a certain number of AA/NA meetings, a strict curfew, chores, and counselling sessions. After second stage some individuals may still not be ready to return home, and can move on to third stage of recovery housing.

Third Stage

This stage is much similar to second stage in terms of more freedom, and is also know as long-term independent sober-living. Here you will continue to live in sobriety with peers. During this stage you may return to work. However, like the second stage, third stage may require a curfew, chores, attendance of meetings and other rules set in place. Following into the third stage has been known to reduce the number of relapses greatly.

Clear Path Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Where does Clear Path Recovery fall into the stages of recovery housing?

Clear Path Recovery if a first stage supportive recovery housing. You will join Clear Path Recovery immediately after you have begun your detox journey (approx. 3-5 days into detox). Though, we always recommend the full 90 days program for a more successful recovery; you have an option for staying with us for 30,45,60 or 90 days. The length of program depends on clinical needs as well as independent choice. For individuals who are not ready to return to their homes after graduation from the program, we work with you to determine if second stage housing would be right for you and assist you to find a second stage housing option suitable for you.

Learn more about Clear Path Recovery program.

Call us today if you or a loved one have any questions about recovery from addiction, one of our team members can explain the entire process, and what you need to start your recovery!

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