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Clear Path Recovery Program Options

At Clear Path Recovery we recognize each individual as a separate entity, and therefore acknowledge that each persons rehabilitation process will be unique to the individual. After thorough assessment, each treatment plan will be individualized according to client needs. 

Clear Path Recovery is targeted to adults over the age of 19.  We maintain maintain a  ZERO alcohol and drug tolerance policy. In order to maintain this policy random alcohol and drug tests will be conducted. Medications will be screened and dispensed by a health professional. 

**Please contact us at 604-807-0282 for program pricing**

Outpatient Program

With this program option you will participate in the following:

Daily 5 hour sessions with a recovery specialist

Recovery classes, workshops and exercises

One-on-one counselling

In Home Recovery Coaching

With this program option you will participate in the following:

One-one-one sessions with our recovery specialist

Sessions in the comfort of your own home and during your hours of need

Client/ Family Intervention (one time session)

Our Recovery Specialist will come to your home to talk to your loved one, and discuss with the family this issue of addiction, and help you create a plan for recovery.

Live- In Treatment Program (30-90 days)

During this time clients will participate in the recovery program which includes:

Group therapy

One on one counselling

Family counselling (if required)

Working through workshops and assignments

Maintaining a personal journal

Structured environment

Some household chores to encourage independence 

Participation in physical, spiritual, holistic wellness activities

Attend AA/NA meetings

Why working with Recovery Specialist is beneficial for your rehabilitation?

During your time working with our recovery specialist you will dive into your underlying traumas and issues surrounding your addiction and what led you to choose substances to cope. You will be provided with a variety of tools and learn skills required to live a life free from substances. Together with your recovery specialist you will work on an individualized relapse prevention plan to sustain life long recovery.

A beautiful lake shot at Port Moody, Canada, Clear Path Recovery

Let's Work Together

Clear Path Recovery is focused on helping you on your rehabilitation journey, so you may reach total wellness. 

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