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Clear Path Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services

We know too well the pain and sorrow in suffering from addiction, or watching your loved ones suffer and feeling hopeless. Your hope is here at
Clear Path Recovery.

Full rehabilitation is possible, start today!

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About Clear Path Recovery

Clear Path Recovery is a family owned and operated Addiction Service Centre. Our Recovery Specialist is dedicated to assisting individuals on their path to full recovery from substance abuse. Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We offer expert advice and coaching on helping you and your loved one recovery from drug and alcohol misuse.  Our framework uses a combination of science backed recovery models which aim for a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Our team of health professionals focus on underlying traumas to help you uncover them so you can move towards full recovery from substance use. 

Why working with Recovery Specialist is beneficial for your rehabilitation?

During your time working with our recovery specialist you will dive into your underlying traumas and issues surrounding your addiction and what led you to choose substances to cope. You will be provided with a variety of tools and learn skills required to live a life free from substances. Together with your recovery specialist you will work on an individualized relapse prevention plan to sustain life long recovery.

Clear Path Recovery has a variety of services to offer for your individualized recovery plan. During your time with us you will be fully emerged into the recovery program. 


Our Outpatient Recovery Program involves daily program work with our recovery specialist involving one- on-one and/or group sessions, counselling, and meetings. 


Our In Home Recovery Program involves our recovery specialist come to your home and work with you during your times of need.


Client/ Family Intervention involves our recovery specialist to come to your home and discuss the issues of addiction in your family and assist you in making a plan for the recovery of yourself and your family. 


During your stay in Live- In Treatment Program  you will have a daily structure routine, involving classes, workshops, meetings,  group sessions, counselling, recreational activities, holistic wellness activities, and meals.

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You Deserve a Life Free From Substances

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working together
that the real
healing takes place."
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